AcroPlot is not Working with Older Versions of AutoCAD on Newer Operating Systems

AcroPlot is designed to work with all versions of AutoCAD from AutoCAD 2000 on but it is only supported on the operating systems which AutoCAD itself was officially supported on for each release.
Here is a link to Autodesk's Knowledgebase article on what the supported operating systems are for various versions of AutoCAD.
You may be able to get AcroPlot to work with your AutoCAD on unsupported operating systems but it is not something we support beyond the troubleshooting and hints we provide below.
Since AcroPlot uses the AutoCAD COM (ActiveX) interface to drive AutoCAD in the background is you have set AutoCAD's Compatibility Mode to "Run this program as an administrator" you will likely have to set AcroPlot to use the same settings.  This is a Windows limitation, not a limitation of our program.
One easy way to tell if you are running AutoCAD with Elevated Privileges is to see if you desktop icon has the UAC shield on it in Windows 7.  In the Example below AutoCAD 2006 and older were not designed to run on Windows 7 so hence in order to install them and get them to run you likely had to set it to "Run this program as an administrator" so it would likely show the shield on the icons where AutoCAD 2008 and newer would not.
Also please note the UAC Shield may not be updated on the icons until after you restart Windows if you make a change to the settings.
Or if you browse to the location of the acad.exe file if it requires running with Elevated Privileges it should show the shield also.
Sometimes in Windows Explorer you can browse to the location of the acad.exe file that you are using for AutoCAD.  Right click on the acad.exe file and then do the Properties.  On the properties dialog there will be a Compatibility tab so click on that.  In the example below you can see that AutoCAD 2006 has been set to "Run this program as an administrator" to make it run on the unsupported Windows 7.
But unfortunately looking at the Compatibility Settings does not always work as can be seen if we look at the AutoCAD 2000 acad.exe which the icon shows the UAC Shield but the "Run this program as an administrator" is not checked. 
The reason for this is that Windows is far to complicated to understand it all and of coarse Microsoft has other things that determines if a program is ran with Elevated Privileges besides just the one setting.
If you do see the UAC shield then you should browse to the location of the AcroPlot.exe file, right click on the AcroPlot.exe, click on Properties, and then on the Compatibility Tab and set it to "Run this program as an Administrator".
Unfortunately due to the printer driver if you have set the Compatibility Mode to run as a different operating system for AutoCAD then AcroPlot may not work with it.
Some other tips that we have seen in our testing.
1.) On Windows 7 we had to rename the C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoCAD 2006\AcSign.arx to C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoCAD 2006\AcSign.arx.old.  We have not tested other versions but we would think the AcSign.arx also conflicts in other unsupported versions.  The reason for it is that this Arx file appears to cause crashes and lock ups of AutoCAD.  Here is an Autodesk post on it also.
2.) On Windows 7 with AutoCAD 2006 and older we were able to get things to work by setting both AutoCAD and AcroPlot to "Run this program as an administrator".
3.) We would recommend using the" Change settings for all users" in case you create a new user account in Windows or log on as a different user.