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Evaluation Versions

The Evaluation and Registered versions are the same download for all of our products.

The evaluation versions of our software are fully functional programs and will add a watermark to all of the pages of your PDF document. To remove the watermark you must purchase a license for the software and then reprint the drawings.

Existing Users Please Note!

You must log into your account in the upper right of the site and download the proper version of the software from there. With your purchase you are allowed all new versions for one year and then you must purchase yearly maintenance to register the newer versions. If you are not current on your maintenance, then the new version will add watermarks to your output.

Windows XP Users Please Note!

The current version of our software requires Windows XP Service Pack 3 to be installed.

AcroPlot Pro™ & AcroPlot Matrix™

Two Great Programs in One Package

AcroPlot Pro™ is the next generation in digital CAD conversion software. With the capability to convert an extensive list of file formats to PDF, DWF, and images AcroPlot Pro will serve as a nexus for CAD Professionals everywhere.

AcroPlot Matrix™ is designed to allow the user to easily markup and edit PDF files.  AcroPlot Matrix will even convert DWF, TIFF, PLT, CALS, and other file formats to PDF on the fly during insertion!

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AcroPlot Auto™

AcroPlot Auto™ is the real workhorse that can convert entire drives of drawings to both PDF and DWF files. AcroPlot Auto can even run continuously or at schedules times.

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AcroPlot Repro™

AcroPlot Repro™ is designed as a high-end replacement to the free Ghostscript® processing utility used by Océ Repro Desk®, Kip Request®, MetaPrint™, and software applications that print PDF and DWF® files.

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Whitepaper Downloads in PDF Format

Creating PDF Files Without "lines merge" Enabled? You Could Be In For a Big Surprise.

Distributing PDF and DWF Drawings Without Embedding "All Used Fonts" Spells Trouble.

The PLT to PDF Revolution is NOW!