• AcroPlot Matrix Overview

AcroPlot Matrix Overview

Common tasks for getting the information you need include:
  • Use the Contents tab to quickly navigate to Help on the major functions. Click a folder to view information about the topics in each section. in this section provides an easy way to navigate to any topic in a section. Underneath each folder in the Contents is a list of topic files. Click a topic to view its information.
  • Use the Index tab for a full and complete "textbook-like" index. Click a keyword to view its corresponding topic. If several topics reference the same keyword, select the topic to view from a popup menu.
  • Use the Search tab to look for information in the system on any word or phrase you type in. To search for an exact phrase, put double quotes around it (for example "delete comments"). You can also search for words or phrases within the current topic by pressing Ctrl+F.
If you are new to our software, we'd like to refer you to the topics in the AcroPlot Matrix Quick Start Guide. This Help file will introduce you to the top level menu and toolbar interfaces as well as common tasks to get you familiar quickly with the basic skills and program navigation.