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KIP Request® 6 Configuration Instructions for


AcroPlot Repro PDF & DWF® to TIFF Converter

Although AcroPlot Repro™ can configure the KIP Request® 6 software through the AcroPlot Repro™ Setup dialog, you may also manually configure it yourself.  The KIP Request® software does not have any internal settings to select to a different PDF processor, but if you copy and rename the AcroPlotRepro.exe to the same location as the pscript.exe file, then AcroPlot Repro™ will take over the task of processing PDF files only.  AcroPlot Repro™ will not process DWF or PLT files inside the KIP Request® 6  software application.

1.After and installing AcroPlot Repro™, copy the "C:\Program Files\AcroPlot Repro\AcroPlotRepro.exe" into the same folder where the KIP Request® "pscript.exe" file is located. 

KIP Request® 6.x the "pscript.exe" is typically located in:
"C:\Program Files\KIP\Request"


KIP Request® 5.5 the "pscript.exe" is typically located in:

2.Rename the existing pscript.exe to pscript-orig.exe.  It is very important to use the exact renaming conventions provided so AcroPlot Repro™ can pass any postscript (.ps) files back to the original version of the pscript file if needed and also so we can restore the original file during the uninstall.
3.Rename the AcroPlotRepro.exe to pscript.exe in the same folder.
4.Run the KIP Request® software and select a PDF file. Use the View-->Convert Tagged To-->TIFF and a popup a window showing AcroPlot Repro™ software will appear for the conversion showing you a progress the conversion.  The AcroPlot Repro™ window should also popup if you click for the thumbnail preview.
KIP Request  - AcroPlot Repro™ Configuration for PDF Processing in KIP Request® Screen Image 1. - AcroPlot Repro™ processing window in upper right corner for PDF to TIFF converting.
5.Your configuration of AcroPlot Repro™ as the PDF processor for KIP Request® is complete!